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COVID- 19 Policies & Procedures 2020


To stay within CDC guidelines we have implemented the following practices. We are prepared to close our facility for the recommended 14 days or more if a client or employee tests positive for Covid-19 to keep 


Employees wash their hands before and after touching the dogs or commonly shared surfaces

Each night we disinfect rooms, floors, kennels, bowls, pools, and toys, as well as doors, door knobs, phones, walkie talkies, and other commonly touched surfaces.

  • To drop off for daycare:

    • Please avoid coming closer than 6 feet to any person, clients and daycare personnel alike.

    • The fenced in front porch is to be used as an airlock to prevent dogs from bolting into the parking lot. When you come onto the front porch behind the gate, please firmly close the gate before removing your dog's leash. 

    • If the blue gate is closed, ring the bell to gain the attention of the staff and make sure no one else is currently inhabiting the space BEFORE opening the gate. Unleashed dogs can slip right through if the gate opens unexpectedly, and your consideration of this will save lives.

    • Clients are not allowed into the actual building. Staff should keep the front door between themselves and the clients at all times, unless there is an emergency that requires teamwork. Staff will open the front door so the dogs can come directly inside. This way everyone is safe and the process is as touchless as possible.

    • Lunches can be left in the white lunch bin, found on the green futon, on the front porch.

    • Wearing a cloth face mask is recommended for clients and required for employees during drop off and pick up times only, and optional all other times.

Please keep leashes and harnesses with you to minimize the amount of objects exchanging hands, and be sure whoever is coming to pick up the dog has a leash to escort them to the car with.

  • To pick up from daycare:

    • Be sure you have your leash and/or harness with you.

    • Follow the same courtesy guidelines above for interacting with our property and the people on it.

    • Do not open the gate without checking verbally that no one is occupying the space to avoid letting unleashed dogs loose in the parking lot.

    • Be sure to close the gate behind you so the staff can let your dog out to you safely.

    • All payments are still being taken online ONLY through the Square app.

    • Report cards are sent via email


  • Tours of the facility are done over the weekend social-distance style.

  • Grooming is still widely available! Just ask and we’ll set up an appointment for your dog.


Questions or concerns? Send us a message!

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