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FAQ & Contact

  • Do you offer tours of the facility? If so, when can I schedule one?
    Yes. Tours can be scheduled on Saturdays or Sundays, between 10am and 12pm if staff members are present during the weekend days. Please give us a call, email, or message to ask about our availability. Our tours accomodate social distancing guidelines by taking place while the facility is closed to ensure space for guests and the tour guide to maintain a 6 foot distance between one another. Masks are required for employees, and recommended for guests.
  • What are the basic steps for qualifying for daycare?
    Please download our enrollment packet from our Daycare tab. Send us your filled out enrollment packet and proof of up-to-date vaccines to our email ( Once we recieve these documents, we will schedule your dog's temperament test date.
  • What vaccines are required?
    We require Rabies, Parvo/Distemper, and the bi-annual dose of Bordetella.
  • What is a temperament test?
    Temperament tests allow us to observe your dog's behavior in a group with other dogs in a safe and controlled environment. Before your dog arrives, we design a group based off of what we know about your dog's needs and personality. When they arrive, we attach a leash to your dog so we can easily lead him/her around the daycare without needing to encroach on their space. We move slowly by first letting them get used to staff and investigating the yards on their own, and once they're more comfortable, we let one dog out from the group to let them sniff each other through the fence. After they've gotten used to each other through the barrier, we walk the dogs around the yard on leashes, then let them meet on their own. If the meeting goes well, we continue to slowly add dogs until the group is complete. If your dog seems overwhelmed or isn't getting along with any group members, we will either reconfigure the group or contact you with the next steps. If your dog passes the temperament test, you are welcome to schedule more fun days at daycare! At the end of the day, we will let you know everything about your dog's first day, along with giving you a report card and posting their photos with the group on our Facebook page!
  • What can I expect on my dog's first day?
    On your dog's first day, please arrive between 8:30-8:45am, which is after the normal drop off time has ended. This way, we have time to allow your dog to be comfortable with us and answer any questions you may have without being interrupted. All you need to bring is your dog, their leash, and any food or medication they may need while at daycare. To keep us and our clients safe, we only allow staff inside the building. When arriving at the daycare, check and see if anyone else is dropping off their dog, and give them space in the parking lot. Please ring the bell outside the gate and wait for a staff member to call you onto the porch. After entering, please latch the gate firmly behind you. We will provide you with a leash to attach to your dog's collar and call your dog inside the building. You will be billed online for your dog's daycare, and we will email you a copy of their report card for the day. Check our Facebook page or ask to be added to our email list to see the photos of their adventure!
  • Is there a way to see photos of my dogs' day at daycare?
    Yes! Every day, we take photos of every dog playing in their group. To check out these photos, please go to our Facebook page or ask to be added to our photo email list.
  • How am I billed for daycare & other services?
    We use Quickbooks to send invoices through email. You will be able to pay for daycare days, passes, boarding, and grooming online through this service. At this time, we are not accepting cash, checks, or card payments.
  • How do daycare passes work? Does my dog need to attend a certain amount of times per week to purchase a daycare pass?
    If your dog will be attending 1 day per week, you can purchase a 5 day pass, if your dog attends 2-3 times per week, you can purchase the 10 day pass, and if your dog will be attending 5 days per week you can purchase the 15 day pass. Passes will expire 5 weeks after the first use. Each pass has a half day, 3/4 day, and full day option.
  • Can I bring lunch, treats, or medication for my dog to have at daycare? Are treats given to dogs throughout the day?
    We can give dogs lunch or medication, but it is not required. We have lunchtime between 1-2pm, where dogs can be fed and given time to rest before coming back out to play. We have a lunch bin on the front porch where you can place their food or medication in a sealed and labelled bag or container. Treats are given to dogs during rest times or enrichment activities. Please let us know if your dog has any food allergies, or if you do not want us to give your dog treats during daycare.
  • How do you handle the dogs when the weather is too hot, cold, or rainy? Do you have indoor spaces for the dogs to play?
    While we have a mostly outdoor facility, we have plenty indoor space for all dogs and we are prepared for all weather conditions! Our usual indoor/outdoor rotations are tailored to the weather and the needs of each dog. During the summer, we take advantage of the cooler morning times. Once it heats up, we set out pools, sprinklers, misters, and keep play in the shadier areas. We rotate indoors often to give dogs breaks from the heat, and during the hottest times of year we keep the play indoors (with frequent potty breaks) and provide toys, activities, and air conditioned areas to play in. During the colder months, dogs that enjoy it are welcome to run around in the brisk air during their outside rotations. We have heated indoor areas to relax and play in, with comfy beds and blankets available to everyone. Dog sweaters and jackets are allowed and can be provided if needed. If the weather is rainy, dogs that prefer to stay inside are given potty breaks and are able to play or relax indoors. Dogs that love to run in the rain are toweled off before coming inside, and will be kept indoors if there is thunder or the rain is too harsh.
  • How often is water offered/available to the dogs?
    Always! There are multiple bowls of fresh water in every yard and room, and individual bowls in the kennels. They are rinsed and refilled very frequently, so there is always clean water for the dogs to drink.
  • What are the daycare cleaning procedures?
    Throughout the day, surfaces, gate latches, and doorknobs are sanitized to protect customers and staff. Any dog messes such as urine or feces are cleaned up immediately, soaked with an enzyme spray, and mopped up. At the end of the day, we sweep, sanitize the floors and kennels, and thoroughly wash the dog bowls. Toys are collected and washed after each group is finished with them, and beds are changed out and washed frequently. Our pools are scrubbed and sanitized, and gravel yards are bleached overnight.
  • What is your cancellation policy for daycare and boarding?
    We ask that you give us at least 24 hour notice when cancelling your dog's daycare reservation, unless in cases of emergency or illness. If a cancellation is made after 12pm the day prior, you will be charged a cancellation fee. For boarding reservations, we understand that life happens and plans may change. Please be aware that we make daycare and boarding decisions based on the number of dogs that sign up, and we ask that you communicate cancellations as soon as possible to allow another person to reserve that space.
  • Do you use kennels?
    We have a number of kennels at the daycare that we use during lunch and rest times and to maintain group stability while the dogs are inside. We work with a rotation system, meaning each group is rotated outside for play time, then given time to rest indoors while the other groups are out. In order to maintain a safe enviornment, dogs may be kenneled while with their group to keep the room stable until they can be more closely supervised. Our facility is geared toward play and enjoyment, and kennels are used with discretion and judgement. If you have questions about how we incorporate kennels into our routine, please let us know!
  • Why is my dog dragging a leash in his/her play group?
    Sometimes, you may see dogs dragging leashes in the photos of the groups. This is one of our group management techniques that we use to keep the group safe and stable. Leashes are usually attached to new dogs, dogs that are very energetic, or dogs that are being too rough with others. This allows us to slow them down or lead them away if needed until they settle down and are listening to staff more closely. They are usually removed once the group is calmer and more easily manageable.

COVID- 19 Policies & Procedures 2020


To stay within CDC guidelines we have implemented the following practices. We are prepared to close our facility for the recommended 14 days or more if a client or employee tests positive for Covid-19 to keep 


Employees wash their hands before and after touching the dogs or commonly shared surfaces

Each night we disinfect rooms, floors, kennels, bowls, pools, and toys, as well as doors, door knobs, phones, walkie talkies, and other commonly touched surfaces.

  • To drop off for daycare:

    • Please avoid coming closer than 6 feet to any person, clients and daycare personnel alike.

    • The fenced in front porch is to be used as an airlock to prevent dogs from bolting into the parking lot. When you come onto the front porch behind the gate, please firmly close the gate before removing your dog's leash. 

    • If the blue gate is closed, ring the bell to gain the attention of the staff and make sure no one else is currently inhabiting the space BEFORE opening the gate. Unleashed dogs can slip right through if the gate opens unexpectedly, and your consideration of this will save lives.

    • Clients are not allowed into the actual building. Staff should keep the front door between themselves and the clients at all times, unless there is an emergency that requires teamwork. Staff will open the front door so the dogs can come directly inside. This way everyone is safe and the process is as touchless as possible.

    • Lunches can be left in the white lunch bin, found on the green futon, on the front porch.

    • Wearing a cloth face mask is recommended for clients and required for employees during drop off and pick up times only, and optional all other times.

Please keep leashes and harnesses with you to minimize the amount of objects exchanging hands, and be sure whoever is coming to pick up the dog has a leash to escort them to the car with.

  • To pick up from daycare:

    • Be sure you have your leash and/or harness with you.

    • Follow the same courtesy guidelines above for interacting with our property and the people on it.

    • Do not open the gate without checking verbally that no one is occupying the space to avoid letting unleashed dogs loose in the parking lot.

    • Be sure to close the gate behind you so the staff can let your dog out to you safely.

    • All payments are still being taken online ONLY through the Square app.

    • Report cards are sent via email


  • Tours of the facility are done over the weekend social-distance style.

  • Grooming is still widely available! Just ask and we’ll set up an appointment for your dog.


Questions or concerns? Send us a message!

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