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dog running with toy

Indoor & outdoor fun for pups of all ages!

Paws Up canine caregivers are committed to the well being of

everyone in our community, dogs and humans alike.

We value communication, connection, knowledge... and fun!

Paws Up dogs get a lot of different opportunities for sensory engagement and rest. We have 5 large outdoor spaces and 4 large indoor spaces where we rotate play groups throughout the day. Our facility sits on well over 1.5 acres, includes a barn, mature shade trees, and grassy areas.


Indoor & Outdoor

Play Spaces

Individually Tailored Play Groups

From puppies to seniors dogs, shy to exuberant, we have tailored play groups for all ages and personalities. Customized groups help the dogs feel safer, less anxious, and have the most fun. There are no more than 10 dogs to a group and there is at least 1 caregiver per 15 dogs. 

At the core of socialization is a dog's ability to be around something exciting without becoming excitable. Our caregivers engage with every dog throughout the day to help them practice calmness, sitting politely at doorways, responding to their name, and showing respectful behavior towards other dogs and humans.

Socialization & Engagement

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