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Can't speak highly enough about Paws Up. We brought our first dog (lab/shepherd mix) here until she passed and we now, we just started bringing our new puppy (Aussie) here for 1/2 days. It's so nice because they arrange the dogs into play groups based on their personalities.

-Jennifer K.

With three large yards, a plush grassy run, a barn, and four indoor play areas, your dog will not only make a lot of new friends of both the human and dog species, but will come home tired. All of this space allows Paws Up! to cater to the needs of differing play styles and energy levels among various dogs.


Multiple play groups are created and the personality of each dog helps determine which group they will have the most fun joining. Our loving and attentive staff will make sure your dog has the best experience possible!

Our daycare schedule:

Please click the arrow for a more detailed look into your dogs' day at Paws Up!

Drop Off Time is 6:30am- 8:30am

Play Time Begins at 8:30am  


11:30am - lunch & nap time

12 pm-12:30pm – Half-day pickup time

1pm-3pm-  More playtime!


3:00pm-3:30pm- Owner pick up time for 3/4 day clients. 


3:30pm -5:00pm- More playtime!


5pm-6:30pm – Owner pick up time for full day clients. 


Please download the enrollment packet below.

Email a filled out copy of the packet, along with proof of vaccinations, to

Vaccinations required: Rabies, Parvo/Distemper, and Semi-annual Bordetella (6 month dose).

After receiving completed paperwork, we will reach out to you to schedule a temperament test date for your dog.  

How to Sign Up:

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